Bunnyranch is a Portuguese rock 'n' roll band originally from Coimbra formed by Kaló, Filipe Costa, Pedro Calhau and André Ferrão. After the departure of Filipe Costa and André Ferrão, they were replaced by João Cardoso and Augusto Cardoso. The band was named after a famous American brothel called Moonlite BunnyRanch in Mound House, Nevada in the United States.[1]

Bunnyranch performing in September 2005
Bunnyranch performing in September 2005
Background information
OriginCoimbra, Lisbon, Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal
GenresRock, rock and roll, garage rock, blues, soul, funk, punk rock, indie rock
Years active2002-2012
Past membersKaló
João Cardoso
Augusto Cardoso
Pedro Calhau
Filipe Costa
André Ferrão

Besides being very popular in Portugal, the band also toured Spain, the Netherlands and England. Their stage act is explosive and a hallmark of the band. A documentary film was shot documenting the band's career[citation needed].

Members edit

  • Filipe Costa - keyboard, piano
  • André Ferrão - guitar
  • Kaló - vocals and drums
  • João Cardoso - keyboards, piano and vocals
  • Augusto Cardoso - guitar
  • Pedro Calhau - bass

Discography edit

Albums edit

  • 2004: Trying to Lose [Lux Records]
  • 2006: Luna Dance [Transformadores]
  • 2008: Teach Us Lord... How To Wait [Lux Records]
  • 2010: If You Missed the Last Train

EPs edit

  • 2002: Too Flop to Boogie (EP) [Lux Records]
  • 2008: Teach Us Lord (EP) (from album Teach Us Lord... How To Wait) [Lux Records]
  • 2008: How To Wait (EP) (from album Teach Us Lord... How To Wait) [Lux Records]

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