Bullyparade – Der Film

Bullyparade – Der Film (Bullyparade – The Movie) is a 2017 German parody movie. Directed by Michael Herbig, it is a film adaptation of his ProSieben television show Bullyparade and features parodies of popular films and television series such as Star Trek, Star Wars, Barbarella, Sissi, Winnetou, Django Unchained,[1] and The Wolf of Wall Street.[2]

Bullyparade – Der Film
Directed byMichael Herbig
Written byMichael Herbig
Based onBullyparade
by Michael Bully Herbig
Produced byMichael Herbig
StarringMichael Herbig
Christian Tramitz
Rick Kavanian
Sky du Mont
CinematographyTorsten Breuer
Edited byAlexander Dittner
Distributed byWarner Bros
Release date
  • 17 August 2017 (2017-08-17)


The movie consists of five episodes that refer to elements of the TV show Bullyparade:

  • Back to the Zone: A parody of Back to the Future, the Saxon brothers Jens and Jörg Kasirske want to prevent the fall of the Berlin wall in the year 1989 and the concert of David Hasselhoff which happened at this event. With a modified Trabant, they travel back in time to take part in the press conference of Günter Schabowski which is also visited by the Czech reporters Pavel Pipovič and Bronko Kulička.
  • Winnetou in love: Blood brothers Winnetou and Old Shatterhand argue during a conference with other Native American tribes and diverge.15 years later, Winnetou wants to marry Annette, daughter of General Motors. Old Shatterhand, who now operates a boat hire in the desert, should be his best man. But Shatterhand is chased by the bounty hunters Dr. Schmitz and his hand puppet Tschango, because he shot Abraham Lincoln by mistake. As the blood brothers arrive at Annette and General Motors, Old Shatterhand notices that Motors only wants to gain the land of the Apache. He can convince Winnetou to prevent this transaction.
  • Sissi – Menopause of an Empress: Emperor Franz, empress Sissi and their field marshal are in search for a weekend house and have to stay in a Haunted house, because the estate agent arrives to late.
  • Lutz of Wall Street: Lutz was caught while travelling without paying. Now he needs to pay 60 dollars fee or he has to go to prison. With the help of the broker Mr. Moneymaker, he earns many million dollars at the Wall Street with his laughter. Unluckily, Lutz spends all of the money.
  • The Planet of Woman: The crew of the (T)Raumschiff Surprise (U.S.S. Hasselhoff) around Captain Kork, Mr. Spuck and Schrotty should protect the planet of women of the clone army around King Clone, because they try to cut the women's hair to use it for toupees. Later, they get help by the beverage suppliers Sigi Solo and the Yeti.


Role Actor/Actress
Narrator Andreas Fröhlich
Winnetou Michael Herbig
Castanet 1
King Ludwig
Brigitte Spuck
Sigi Solo
Jens Kasirske Rick Kavanian
Pavel Pipovič
Dr. Schmitz
Castanet 3
Field marshal
King Clone
James Beam
Jörg Kasirske Christian Tramitz
Bronko Kulička
David Hasselhoff
Old Shatterhand
Castanet 2
Mr. Moneymaker
Captain Jürgen Thorsten Kork
Annette Cornelia Ivancan
General Motors Sky du Mont
Lieutenant Alexander Schubert
Costa Irshad Panjatan
Babsirella Jeanne Goursaud
Susirella Jasmin Lord
Monirella Laura Berlin
Mozzarella Jane Chirwa
Doublerella 1 Denise Balaz
Doublerella 2 Desire Balaz
Bridesmaid Ivanka Brekalo
Medicine man Robert Alan Peckard
Tschimalis Larimar López Arcos
Apanatschi María Del Pilar Gómez
Chief of the Kiowa Laurence Burton
Chief of the Assiniboine Vincente Raul Gonzalez
Barmaid Mary Ann Diana Herold
Farmer Nancy Valentina Zell
Asian investor Kim Girschner
Waiter Jürgen Klaar
Ronaldo Steffen Jung
Simultaneous translator Rahul Chakraborty
Anchorman Liu Hao
Advisor Meikel Engelmann


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