Bukovica, Croatia

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Bukovica is a geographical region in Croatia. It lies in northern Dalmatia, with Lika to the north, Kninska Krajina to the east, and Ravni Kotari to the southwest.[1]

Typical Bukovica landscape: Keglević family castle ruins near Mokro Polje in northeastern Bukovica.


Bukovica is a small plateau region about 250 to 300 meters above sea level. The karst landscape covers most of the region up to the Zrmanja valley.

Towns and villagesEdit

Bukovica covers a triangular area between the towns of Benkovac, Obrovac, and Knin. The region includes the municipalities of Jasenice, Ervenik, Kistanje, and Lišane Ostrovičke.

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Further readingEdit

  • Medić, Đuro Š. (2014). "Prilog revalorizaciji baštine, obnovi i razvoju Bukovice" [A contribution to the valorisation, restoration and development of Bukovica] (PDF). Titius (in Croatian). 6–7 (6–7): 415–435. Retrieved 16 February 2021.

Coordinates: 44°08′54″N 15°45′07″E / 44.1483051°N 15.75188061°E / 44.1483051; 15.75188061