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Brush Development Company was a manufacturer of audio, phonographic products and magnetic recording technologies located in Cleveland, Ohio.


Founder Alfred L. Williams began Brush Labs in 1919 to develop products that utilized piezoelectric crystals. Associates reorganized the company as Brush Development Company in 1930 with piezoelectric phonograph pickups as the company's main product.[1] Later they began manufacturing wire recorders, microphones, and speakers. Research for improvements to wire recorders resulted in a contract from the US National Defense Research Council during World War II. Brush manufactured a dictation recorder in 1946. [1]In 1950, Brush built the Model BL-206 and BL-216 Multichannel Oscillographs, and associate Model BL-932 DC Amplifiers. Brush Development Co. merged with the original Brush Labs and the Cleveland Graphite Bronze company in 1952. The new company was named Clevite. Audio products under the Brush trademark were sold until 1960. The Clevite company was absorbed by Gould-National Batteries in 1969.[1][2]


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