Bruno Duday

Bruno Duday (14 March 1880 – 31 January 1946) was a German film producer. After military service during the First World War Duday worked for many years at Germany's largest studio UFA where he oversaw several films of the Swedish star Zarah Leander including To New Shores (1937).[1] Duday was head of a production unit, under the overall control of studio head Ernst Hugo Correll. When the Second World War began he resigned from UFA and volunteered for military service. He was in charge of a POW camp. Following his later capture by Allied forces at the end of the war, he suffered from ill health and died in Berlin in 1946. He was married several times including to the Hungarian actress Maria von Tasnady.

Bruno Duday
Born14 March 1880
Died31 January 1946 (1946-02-01) (aged 65)
Berlin, Germany
Years active1930-1939

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