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The Bronislaw Malinowski Award is an award given by the US-based Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA) in honor of Bronisław Malinowski (1884–1942), an original member and strong supporter of the Society. Briefly established in 1950, the award has been presented annually since 1973.

It is given to an outstanding senior scholar in recognition for a lifetime commitment to the application of the social sciences to contemporary social issues.[1] The acceptance addresses of the awardees are usually published in the society’s journal, Human Organization.

Past recipients of the Malinowski AwardEdit

Year Recipient[2] Nationality
1973 Gonzalo Aguirre Beltrán Mexico
1974 Everett C. Hughes USA
1975 Gunnar Myrdal Sweden
1976 Edward H. Spicer USA
1977 Sol Tax USA
1978 Juan Comas Mexico
1979 Laura Thompson USA
1980 Fei Xiaotung People's Republic of China
1981 Raymond Firth UK
1982 George M. Foster USA
1983 Omer Stewart USA
1984 Alexander Leighton USA
1985 Elizabeth Colson USA
1986 Philleo Nash USA
1987 Margaret Lantis USA
1988 Fred Richardson USA
1989 Lauriston Sharp USA
1990 St. Clair Drake USA
1991 Conrad M. Arensberg USA
1992 Margaret Clark USA
1993 Ronald Frankenberg UK
1994 Claudio Esteva Fabregat Spain
1995 Michael M. Cernea USA
1996 Bea Medicine USA
1997 Ward Goodenough USA
1998 Robert and Beverly Hackenberg USA
1999 Thayer Scudder USA
2000 Maria Eugenia Bozzoli Costa Rica
2001 Walter Goldschmidt USA
2002 Pertti Pelto Finland
2003 Carlos Vélez Ibáñez USA
2004 John W. Bennett USA
2005 Paul L. Doughty USA
2006 Michael Horowitz USA
2007 Gretel Pelto USA
2008 Orlando Fals Borda Colombia
2009 Thomas Weaver USA
2010 Jean Schensul USA
2011 Salomón Nahmad Sittón Mexico
2012 Clifford Barnett USA
2013 Anthony Oliver-Smith USA
2014 Paul Durrenberger USA
2015 Frances Fox Piven USA
2016 Paul Farmer USA
2017 Louise Lamphere USA
2018 Jorge Durand and Douglas Massey Mexico & USA


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