The Brockville Blues were a minor league baseball team based in Brockville, Ontario, Canada. The team competed in the Canadian–American League for two seasons. In 1936, they were known as the Brockville Pirates and were not affiliated with any major league team. In 1937, they played as the Blues and were a farm team of the Boston Red Sox.

Brockville Blues
Minor league affiliations
ClassClass C
LeagueCanadian–American League
Major league affiliations
TeamBoston Red Sox (1937)
Team data
  • Brockville Blues (1937)
  • Brockville Pirates (1936)
BallparkFulford Athletic Field[1]

Brockville had previously fielded a minor league team in 1888, in the Eastern International League.[2]: 104 

Jesse Spring, the team's player-manager in 1936,[3] was best known as a professional ice hockey player, having spent six seasons in the National Hockey League (NHL).

Results by season edit

Season Nickname Affiliation Record (win %) Finish Manager Playoffs (games) Attendance Ref.
1936 Pirates 43–36 (.544) 3rd of 6 Jesse Spring defeated Ottawa Senators (3–1)
lost to Perth Royals (0–3)
unknown [2]: 345 
1937 Blues Boston Red Sox 30–69 (.303) 7th of 8 Jesse Spring
John Grilli
6,242 [2]: 351 

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