Eastern International League

The Eastern International League was a minor league baseball league that played in the 1888 season. The league was a Non–Signatory League, with league franchises based in New York and Ontario. The Eastern International League succeeded the International Association. The four–team league folded during the 1888 season, with Kingston in having the best overall record.

Eastern International League
FormerlyInternational Association
ClassificationIndependent (1888)
SportMinor League Baseball
First season1888
CeasedAugust 10, 1888
PresidentRobert J. Eilbeck (1888)
No. of teams5
CountryUnited States of America
Most titles1
Kingston (1888)



The Eastern International League formed for the 1888 season.[1] The Belleville, Kingston, Oswego Starchboxes and Watertown teams began play on May 25, 1888 as charter members.[2] Previously, Oswego had played in the 1887 International Association.[3]

During the 1888 season, Oswego disbanded on July 4, 1888 after winning the first–half title.[4] On July 30, 1888, the Belleville team transferred to Brockville.[5] Watertown folded on August 10, 1888, causing the league to fold, with only three remaining franchises.[6]

Kingston won the second–half title and had the league's best record at 25–17, playing under manager Robert Eilbeck, who also served as league president.[6][7]

Cities represented




1888 Eastern International League

Team standings W L PCT GB Managers
Kingston 25 17 .595 Robert Eilbeck
Belleville /
20 24 .455 6.0 Henderson/
Silas Smith / Henderson
Watertown 14 26 .350 10.0 Lee Kingsley
Oswego Starchboxes 16 8 .667 NA James Harmon

Oswego disbanded July 4; Belleville transferred to Brockville July 30; Watertown disbanded August 10
Oswego won the first half standings. Kingston won the second half standings
The league disbanded August 15.



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