Brigitte Kernel

Brigitte Kernel (born 1959) is a French literary journalist and writer. She lived in Nancy until she was 19 years old.[1] She remains today in Paris.

Brigitte Kernel
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Occupation(s)literary journalist and writer


Brigitte Kernel was born in Rambervillers in the Vosges, in 1959. From childhood, she kept a diary. At 17, she sent her poems to the publisher Pierre Seghers. The latter gives her advice and encourages her in writing. The meetings have a great importance in the life of Kernel who was also advised by Simone Gallimard and Françoise Sagan with whom she was friends.[2] Today, Kernel devotes herself exclusively to writing.

After having been a journalist at the Matin de Paris and then director of the programs of José Artur Pop Club and Who do I have the honor ?,[1] she was producer-host of literary programs on France Inter, from 1990 to 2015.

For twenty years, Kernel wrote the weekly serials Cadavre Exquis for her literary programs, part of which is published by Librio. She has also been a literary columnist in Place aux livres on LCI with Patrick Poivre d'Arvor and in Rive droite / Rive gauche by Thierry Ardisson on Paris Première. She has, in her literary programs on France Inter, interviewed: Fred Vargas, David Foenkinos, Douglas Kennedy, Tatiana de Rosnay, Valerie Tong Cuong, Jean Teulé, Christine Angot, Amelie Nothomb, Grégoire Delacourt, Florian Zeller, Serge Joncour, Bernard Werber. And in their latest books François Nourissier, Cavanna, Andrée Chédid, Robert Sabatier, Bernard Clavel, Bernard Giraudeau, Regine Deforges, Genevieve Dormann, Yves Navarre. She is a member of the Lilac Academy which she, with Marie-Christine Imbault, co-founded in 2008.[3]



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