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Brigade 93 is one of many militias that formed in the wake of the Libyan Civil War. It is based in Bani Walid, a former stronghold of the Gaddafi regime.[1] The militia is mainly composed of those still loyal to Gaddafi.[2]

Brigade 93
Participant in the 2011–2012 Libyan interfactional fighting
Flag of Libya (1977–2011).svg
Flag of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
ActiveJanuary 2012 – present
LeadersSalem al-Aawar
HeadquartersBani Walid
Area of operationsLibya
Originated asLibyan Armed Forces
Opponent(s) National Transitional Council
Battles and war(s)Post-civil war violence in Libya

The brigade is named after the 1993 attempted coup against Gaddafi by members of the Warfalla tribe. Salem al-Ouaer, a member of the Warfalla tribe who sided with Gaddafi during the coup, is believed to head the militia.

In January 2012, the brigade was involved in the green-revolution in Bani Walid. On 25 of January, their unexpected uprising led to the retreat of the NTC forces from Bani Walid.[3]

Weapons and equipmentEdit

The brigade was said to possess heavy weapons, including 106 mm anti-tank guns.[4]

When they took over the May 28 Brigade base, they took heavy equipment, most notably tanks.[5] In this video filmed after the takeover of the base by AFP, at least 4 tanks and a Grad rocket launcher are seen among the equipment captured by the Brigade 93.[6]


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