Boxing in Australia

Boxing in Australia refers to the sport of boxing held in Australia.

National team(s)Australia
International competitions
Audience records
Single matchManny Pacquiao vs. Jeff Horn, 51,052, 2017, Suncorp Stadium[1]


The influential traditional martial arts, olympic wrestling and brazilian jiu-jitsu have shaped MMA in Australia, along with the combat sports of boxing and kickboxing/muay thai.[citation needed]


The states and territories of Australia have different sanctioning bodies and rules. Sanctioning bodies include: Combat Sports Authority (NSW) and the Professional Boxing and Combat Sports Board (Victoria).

Governing BodyEdit

Boxing Australia is the national sporting body that runs amateur boxing in Australia and Australian National Boxing Federation which governs Professional boxing in Australia.


Current ChampionsEdit

Male ChampionsEdit

This table showing the male boxers who have won the Australian professional championship.[2][3]

Weight class: Champion: Reign began:
Light Flyweight Josh Humberdross 1 January 2021
Flyweight Title Vacant
Super Flyweight Title Vacant
Bantamweight Mark Schleibs 1 January 2021
Super Bantamweight Title Vacant
Featherweight Title Vacant
Super Featherweight Dana Coolwell 4 December 2021
Lightweight Harry Garside 6 April 2022
Super Lightweight Youssef Dib 9 April 2021
Welterweight Title Vacant
Light Middleweight Luke Woods 4 December 2021
Middleweight Isaac Hardman 1 December 2021
Super Middleweight Abdoulaye Mayweather 10 December 2021
Light Heavyweight Leti Leti 10 April 2021
Cruiserweight Floyd Mason 4 December 2021
Heavyweight Justis Huni 22 October 2020

Female ChampionsEdit

This table showing the female boxers who have won the Australian professional championship.[4][5]

Weight class: Champion: Reign began:
Super Flyweight Serena Kingdon 9 November 2012
Bantamweight Sylvia Scharper 3 September 2011
Super Bantamweight April Adams 22 October 2011
Featherweight Kori Farr 17 September 2011
Super Featherweight Lauryn Eagle 17 August 2013
Lightweight Sabrina Ostowari 10 May 2014
Super Lightweight Deanha Hobbs 17 August 2013

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