Boxing at the 2008 Summer Olympics – Welterweight

The welterweight competition was the fifth-highest weight class featured in amateur boxing at the 2008 Summer Olympics, and was held at the Workers Indoor Arena. Welterweights were limited to a maximum of 69 kilograms in body mass.

Like all Olympic boxing events, the competition was a straight single-elimination tournament. Both semifinal losers were awarded bronze medals, so no boxers competed again after their first loss. Bouts consisted of four rounds of two minutes each, with one-minute breaks between rounds. Punches scored only if the white area on the front of the glove made full contact with the front of the head or torso of the opponent. Five judges scored each bout; three of the judges had to signal a scoring punch within one second for the punch to score. The winner of the bout was the boxer who scored the most valid punches by the end of the bout.


Gold Bakhyt Sarsekbayev
Silver Carlos Banteux
Bronze Hanati Silamu
Kim Jung-Joo
  South Korea


All times are China Standard Time (UTC+8)

Date Time Round
Sunday, August 10, 2008 15:30-16:55
Round of 32
Thursday, August 14, 2008 13:30-14:30
Round of 16
Sunday, August 17, 2008 20:01-21:00 Quarterfinals
Friday, August 22, 2008 20:31-21:00 Semifinals
Sunday, August 24, 2008 15:16-15:31 Final Bout



Semifinals Final
1   Carlos Banteux (CUB) 17
4   Hanati Silamu (CHN) 4
  Carlos Banteux (CUB) 9
  Bakhyt Sarsekbayev (KAZ) 18
3   Bakhyt Sarsekbayev (KAZ) 10
2   Kim Jung-Joo (KOR) 6

Top HalfEdit

Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals
          Non Boonjumnong (THA) 10  
          Hosam Bakr Abdin (EGY) 11  
            Hosam Bakr Abdin (EGY) 2  
            Carlos Banteux (CUB) 10  
          Carlos Banteux (CUB) 13  
  Billy Joe Saunders (GBR) 14       Billy Joe Saunders (GBR) 6  
  Adem Kılıççı (TUR) 3         Carlos Banteux (CUB) 17
  Tureano Johnson (BAH) 18         Hanati Silamu (CHN) 4
  Rolande Moses (GRN) 3       Tureano Johnson (BAH) 9  
  Gilbert Lenin Castillo (DOM) 6       Olexandr Stretskyy (UKR) 4  
  Olexandr Stretskyy (UKR) 9         Tureano Johnson (BAH) 4  
  Precious Makina (ZAM) 4         Hanati Silamu (CHN) 14  
  Hanati Silamu (CHN) 21       Hanati Silamu (CHN) 9      
  Bruno Bongongo (CAF) 2       Joseph Mulema (CMR) 4      
  Joseph Mulema (CMR) 17  

Bottom HalfEdit

Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals
  Bakhyt Sarsekbayev (KAZ) 20  
  Adam Trupish (CAN) 1       Bakhyt Sarsekbayev (KAZ) RSCI  
  Vitalie Gruşac (MDA) 7       Vitalie Gruşac (MDA)    
  Gerard O'Mahony (AUS) 2         Bakhyt Sarsekbayev (KAZ) 12  
  Aliasker Bashirov (TKM) 6         Dilshod Mahmudov (UZB) 7  
  Jaoid Chiguer (FRA) 17       Jaoid Chiguer (FRA) 3  
  Mehdi Khalsi (MAR) 3       Dilshod Mahmudov (UZB) 8  
  Dilshod Mahmudov (UZB) 11         Bakhyt Sarsekbayev (KAZ) 10
  Demetrius Andrade (USA) 11         Kim Jung-Joo (KOR) 6
  Kakhaber Zhvania (GEO) 9       Demetrius Andrade (USA) 14  
  Mujandjae Kasuto (NAM) 5       Andrey Balanov (RUS) 3  
  Andrey Balanov (RUS) 8         Demetrius Andrade (USA) 9  
  Magomed Nurutdinov (BLR) 2         Kim Jung-Joo (KOR) 11  
  John Jackson (ISV) 4       John Jackson (ISV) 0      
  Jack Culcay-Keth (GER) 11       Kim Jung-Joo (KOR) 10      
  Kim Jung-Joo (KOR) +11  

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