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The Bourbon biscuit (/bɔːrbən/; sometimes referred to as a Bourbon cream[citation needed]) is a sandwich style biscuit consisting of two thin rectangular dark chocolate–flavoured biscuits with a chocolate buttercream filling.

Bourbon biscuit
A canonical biscuit (27795133084).jpg
Alternative names Bourbon cream, Bourbon, Chocolate Bourbon
Type Biscuit
Place of origin United Kingdom
Region or state London
Created by Patrick Turner
Main ingredients Dark chocolate-flavoured biscuits, chocolate buttercream
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The biscuit was introduced in 1910 (originally under the name "Creola") by the biscuit company Peek Freans, of Bermondsey, London, originator of the Garibaldi biscuit.[1][2] The new name was taken from the European royal House of Bourbon.[3] A 2009 survey found that the Bourbon biscuit was the fifth most popular biscuit in the UK to dunk into tea.[4]

Many other companies make their own version of the biscuit under the "Bourbon" name, including major supermarkets.


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