Bosch: Legacy is an American police procedural television series developed by Michael Connelly, Tom Bernardo and Eric Overmyer. A spin-off of the Amazon Prime Video series Bosch (2014–2021), it stars Titus Welliver as former LAPD detective Harry Bosch, with Mimi Rogers and Madison Lintz also reprising their roles. The series premiered on May 6, 2022, on Amazon Freevee with the release of four episodes, with the remaining released weekly, two episodes at a time.[1][2] The series was renewed for a second season prior to its premiere.[3] The second season is set to premiere on October 20, 2023.[4] The series was later renewed for a third season prior to its second season premiere.[5]

Bosch: Legacy
Based onThe novels
by Michael Connelly
Developed by
Music byJeff Russo
Opening theme
"Times Are Changing"
  • Built By Titan
  • Skybourne
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes10 (list of episodes)
Executive producers
  • Mark Douglas
  • Jamie Boscardin Martin
Running time42–54 minutes
Production companies
Original networkAmazon Freevee
Original releaseMay 6, 2022 (2022-05-06) –

Plot Edit

Season 1 Edit

Based on The Wrong Side of Goodbye (Book 19) and The Night Fire (Book 22)

Hieronymus "Harry" Bosch has retired from the LAPD and works as a private investigator. Defense attorney Honey "Money" Chandler has him work on some cases for her. His daughter, Maddie, navigates her first days as a patrol officer with the LAPD, working from Hollywood Station, where her father used to be assigned. Bosch investigates businessman Carl Rogers, who previously hired a hitman to kill Chandler. Billionaire businessman Whitney Vance asks Bosch to discreetly investigate a private matter.

Season 2 Edit

Based on The Crossing (Book 18)

Cast Edit

Main cast Edit

Recurring Edit

  • Anthony Gonzales as Officer Rico Perez, Maddie's fellow officer and love interest[6]
  • Michael Rose as Carl Rogers, a businessman responsible for the murder of a judge and Honey's shooting[1]
  • Phil Morris as John Creighton, head of Trinity Security, a security company employed by Whitney Vance
  • William Devane as Whitney Vance, a billionaire engineer who hires Bosch for a personal matter
  • Andrew Korba as Philip Corwin, the new CEO of Whitney Vance's company
  • Kate Burton as Ida Porter, Vance's secretary
  • Steven Flynn as David Sloan, Vance's valet/butler
  • Denise G. Sanchez as Officer Reyna Vasquez, Maddie's training officer
  • Mark Rolston as Lt I Don Thorne, watch commander on Maddie's shift at the Hollywood Station

Guest appearances are made by members of the Bosch cast, including Gregory Scott Cummins as Crate, Troy Evans as Barrel, and Jamie Hector as Jerry Edgar. Scott Klace continues in his role as Sgt. John "Mank" Mankiewicz, the desk sergeant at the Hollywood Station, now keeping an eye on Maddie.[7] Welliver's elder son, Eamonn, portrays a younger Bosch in episode 8, "Bloodlines".[8]

Episodes Edit

Season 1 (2022) Edit

No. in
Title [9]Directed byWritten byOriginal release date
11"The Wrong Side of Goodbye"Zetna FuentesMichael Connelly & Eric OvermyerMay 6, 2022 (2022-05-06)
Shortly after retiring at the end of the previous series, Harry Bosch now works as a private investigator. He is asked to investigate a personal matter by billionaire Whitney Vance, namely, to find the woman he impregnated while in college to see if he has an heir. Meanwhile, his daughter Maddie is in training to become a police officer, but struggles with harsh training officers. Honey Chandler, recovered from her injuries, attends the trial of Carl Rogers, who attempted to have her killed, along with Bosch and Maddie. A mistrial is declared, and the district attorney decides not to try again, angering all three. Chandler goes back to work and is given the case of Jeffery Herstadt, a homeless man with mental problems accused of killing a respected doctor, who has confessed. She asks Bosch to look at the confession and testify about possible coercion, and Maddie convinces him to do so. After discovering the confession was indeed coerced, he does, but Chandler is shortly afterward shown DNA evidence found on the victim seemingly proving Herstadt's guilt anyway. Investigating for Vance, Bosch finds the woman is now dead, but intends to continue searching for the child. Vance agrees, but is later found unresponsive by his secretary. Chandler asks Bosch to help her get Rogers convicted, which he agrees to, but says they will do it "his way". Meanwhile, an earthquake damages Bosch's house, causing a city inspector to label it unsafe.
22"Pumped"Patrick CadyTom BernardoMay 6, 2022 (2022-05-06)
After Whitney Vance is revealed to be fine, his intended successor, Philip Corwin, worries about why he hired a private investigator, and expresses this to John Creighton, the head of Vance's security company. Chandler, despite struggling with the trauma of being shot, finds out how Herstadt's DNA ended up on the murder victim, and reveals it in court, causing the DA to drop the case. Afterward, Detective Gustafson, the detective in charge of the case, accosts her, and claims Bosch has undone everything he did with the badge. In his investigation into Carl Rogers, Bosch has Chandler convince Judge Sobel's daughter to file a wrongful death suit against Rogers. He also has his tech expert, Maurice "Mo" Bassi, plant bugs on Rogers' vehicles. Watching a deposition, he finds that Rogers may be affiliated with Russian mobsters, and discovers he is being tracked. He later overhears Rogers receiving a call from his financier, Simon Wakefield, that the Russians want to meet, which unnerves Rogers. Later, two Russians, Alex and Lev, kill a man who stole from their boss. In his investigation into Vance's child, he finds the home where the woman died, and discovers she gave birth to a boy who was adopted under the name Dominick Santanello. Meanwhile, Maddie screws up an arrest, but her training officer, Reyna Vasquez, covers it up when she manages to find where the suspect went, telling her she will take a chance on her.
33"Message in a Bottle"Alex ZakrzewskiNaomi IizukaMay 6, 2022 (2022-05-06)
Bosch and Chandler visit Willy Datz, the mobster through whom Rogers hired the hitman, in prison, where Chandler intimidates him into revealing he changed his story after the Russians threatened his family, to the disapproval of her boss. Maddie and Vasquez are called to the scene of a rape, where Maddie identifies the rapist's point of entry as a window with a cut screen. Later, she offers to speak to the victim if she ever needs help, to Vasquez' disapproval. Bosch investigates Dominick Santanello, and discovers he died in Vietnam in 1972. He informs Vance, and Vance asks him to find out anything else about Dominick. He is followed from the meeting by another car, but loses it, before Mo informs him that Rogers is headed to a meeting with the Russians, and heads to the meeting. At the meeting, Alex and Lev threaten Rogers and Wakefield to pay them 30 million dollars, which Rogers agrees to, but claims he will need time. They give him a week. Bosch eavesdrops, but is discovered and chased away, eventually escaping. After going to an old contact who identifies the Russians as brothers Alexei and Lev Ivanovich, high ranking Bratva members, he informs Chandler, and tells her the calls Rogers made while incarcerated were to a gas station in Bakersfield. Afterward, he arranges to meet Dominick's sister, Olivia MacDonald. On his way to the meeting he is followed by the car, but loses it and goes to the meeting in a rental. As he leaves, he is shown to be observed through a drone by Vance's security company.
44"Horseshoes and Hand Grenades"Patrick CadyBarbara CurryMay 6, 2022 (2022-05-06)
Bosch meets Olivia, and when shown Dominick's belongings, he finds a roll of film of a woman and a baby which she does not recognize. He has it enhanced, and finds it was taken during a time that Dominick would have been in Vietnam, and considers he may have gone AWOL to see the girl, who may have been his daughter. Olivia is later visited by two men from Vance's security company, posing as representatives of the Veteran's Association, and informs Bosch that they asked her if Dominick had any children. Bosch realizes that he is still being tracked, and Mo informs him he is probably watched by a drone. When trying to report to Vance, he meets David Sloan, Vance's valet and butler, who tells him Vance is ill, and to report to him. He refuses, and asks Chandler to provide him with a lab to confirm Dominick's heritage. Chandler receives the case of Russell Barnes, who wants to sue the LAPD for wrongful arrest after being wrongfully identified by facial recognition software. She proves to the detective that Barnes is innocent. When the department offers a settlement of 1.2 million, Chandler wishes to press further, but Barnes decides to take the money. Meanwhile, Bosch and Chandler publicly serve Rogers a subpoena for wrongful death, and when the Russians find out, Lev threatens Rogers. When Rogers meets Wakefield and two other men at a diner, Bosch has his former coworkers Crate and Barrel listen to their conversation and follow them. They find that the other men are Russ Pensak, who owns a supposedly abandoned oil refinery, and Leo Aslan, who owns a shipping company, and notice several tanker trucks entering and leaving the refinery. Bosch also listens to a recording of the conversation, where Rogers mentions having 48 hours. Bosch infiltrates the refinery in a tanker and finds that they are stealing gas, and have set IEDs on the pipe. After sending proof to Chandler, he attempts to leave, but is caught by a security guard and held at gunpoint. Meanwhile, Maddie continues to struggle with the rape case, and Vance's secretary, Ida, is shown to know how to forge his signature.
55"Plan B"Alex ZakrzewskiChris WuMay 13, 2022 (2022-05-13)
Bosch bluffs his way out of the building by pretending to be a security officer doing a surprise inspection, and informs Chandler that Rogers intends to siphon more gas by installing a second tap when the pipe is shut down for maintenance. Using this information, Chandler attempts to intimidate Wakefield, but this exchange is seen by Alexei. He eventually decides to give up information, but is killed by Lev before he can. Chandler finds him dead and takes his phone, delivering it to Mo, who recovers the information on it, revealing that the new tap will be installed that night, as well as a blueprint called Plano. Realizing from the full conversation that the detonator for the IEDs is on Aslan's key fob, Mo and Bosch make a plan to detonate the pipe before they steal the gas by hijacking the detonator's signal, while Chandler contacts Rogers' lawyer to negotiate a deal for the civil suit with Rogers personally. That night, Bosch is forced to approach Aslan face to face to hijack the signal, but they blow up the pipe before any gas is stolen. In a meeting with Chandler and his own lawyer, Rogers receives a message that the pipe was destroyed, and Chandler offers him the deal to turn himself in for everything he did in exchange for protection from the Russians. Meanwhile, as Bosch continues to investigate Dominick, Vance is shown to be comatose, while Sloan interferes with Bosch's communications. Bosch tracks down a friend of Dominick to see if he knew if Dominick had children, and shows him the photo. The friend recognizes the woman, telling Bosch that she was a photojournalist, and that Dominick was in love with her. Later, after Bosch hears a news report that Vance is dead, he is contacted by Sloan, who tells him his services are no longer necessary. Hearing the same report, Corwin tells Creighton to stop observing Bosch. Meanwhile, Maddie helps the rape victim install a new security system. Afterwards, she has a talk with Harry, who tells her she needs to decide if being a cop is a mission or just a job. Inspired by this, she reviews an app the victim told her about on what is happening in the neighborhood, finding more reports of break ins through cut screens.
66"Chain of Authenticity"Sharat RajuTom Bernardo & Eric OvermyerMay 13, 2022 (2022-05-13)
After calling Chandler and unsuccessfully asking for leniency, Rogers' lawyer Kading delivers a vial of drugs to Rogers at the safe house he has been sequestered at. The next morning he uses them to incapacitate his guards and escape. Alexei and Lev, after interrogating Rogers' girlfriend for his whereabouts, meet up with their father Maxim, and find and kill Kading. After finding a newspaper article denouncing him and Chandler for defending Herstadt, Bosch decides to find the real killer, while Chandler discovers that Plano is one of two modified shipping containers arriving at South Beach. After finding Rogers has escaped, Chandler and Bosch investigate the two containers under the assumption that Rogers will use one of them to escape overseas. Chandler witnesses the Russians store Kading's body in one of the containers, then kill Rogers and seal both bodies in the container before leaving. Meanwhile, Bosch receives Vance's will, which names him executor and Ida as receiving 10 million dollars, and Chandler tells him not to tell anyone until he can confirm whether Vance had an heir. Paulina Calderon, a friend of Maddie, is shot during a traffic stop, and Maddie is told to help inform the family. When Bosch hears of the shooting and confirms Maddie was not the victim, he realizes who is following him, and confronts Creighton, who attempts to intimidate him into dropping his investigation. He meets Maddie, and after she tells him she still wants to be a cop, he tells her about a time he was shot and Eleanor, Maddie's mother and a former FBI agent, saved him. Afterward, he gives Vance's will to Jerry Edgar, his former partner, for safekeeping.
77"One Of Your Own"Hagar Ben-AsherNaomi Iizuka & Benjamin PittsMay 20, 2022 (2022-05-20)
Chandler reveals she has no peace from Rogers being gone, while Willy Datz is shanked in prison and her boss and the FBI question her about it. When the FBI give details they couldn't know without having illegally recorded their conversation with Datz, she warns Bosch, who finds a bug in his office, and later hears rumors that the Bratva had Datz killed for talking to her, which are seemingly confirmed when an inmate with a Russian name is found to be the killer. Bosch investigates the murder of the doctor and is threatened by Gustafson. He is warned that Gustafson is a glory hound, and later discovers he didn't properly investigate the murder. When speaking to the family of the doctor, he finds that the doctor had a meeting with a medical board investigator which his family did not know about. In Vance's case, in the wake of Vance's death, Corwin fires Ida. Bosch is visited by the police, who question him about why Vance hired him. He lies, and tells them to investigate Sloan. When the friend of Dominick tells him the name of the paper the woman worked for, he investigates and finds the name of the woman, Gabriela Lida. When he tracks her down, she reveals the daughter she had with Dominick is an artist named Vibiana Veracruz, who has a son of her own, Gilberto, and they make plans for Bosch to meet her. As they depart, they are shown to be observed by Sloan. Meanwhile, Maddie hears about a break in committed by the same suspect in the rape case. She meets the rape victim again, but upsets her when she is unable to provide further information. While still in search of the suspect who shot Paulina, his girlfriend who wants out calls her mother for money, who tells the police, and a drop is set up. When they go to pick up the money, the police, including Maddie, attempt to arrest them, but the arrest goes horribly wrong as they are both shot dead.
88"Bloodline"Ernest DickersonOsokwe VasquezMay 20, 2022 (2022-05-20)
Bosch meets Vibiana, who agrees to do a DNA test to prove her heritage. She later finds that she is being observed by Sloan, and tells Bosch. When Bosch confronts Sloan, he informs him that he wants to help as per Vance's wishes, which Bosch accepts and lets him move Vibiana and her son to a safe house. Meanwhile, in the doctor's case, he speaks to the medical representative and finds the doctor discovered one of his employees was writing fake prescriptions for nonexistent patients and was killed before he had a chance to follow up, which the representative informed Gustafson about. Later, Bosch finds the wounds were precise enough for the killer to have had a background in medicine. Maddie is questioned about the shooting in a way that suggests the investigator believes the officers involved are guilty of misconduct, and is later informed by Bosch that SIS has a record of corruption. She helps a fellow officer, Rico Perez help out Paulina, and later hooks up with him. The next day, she and Vasquez arrest a man apparently breaking into a house, but he turns out not to be the rapist from her earlier case. Meanwhile, Chandler files a wrongful death suit against SIS for the death of the suspect's girlfriend. Speaking to her family, she gets the name of the SIS lieutenant, Spencer Cosgrove, and has Mo investigate him, finding that his ex-wife has a restraining order against him. She also attempts to contact Detective Morrison, the detective in the case, only to be rebuffed. Cosgrove later asks Morrison to support him, which he seemingly agrees to, but is later shown listening to a conversation he had with the victim's mother, possibly having second thoughts. Bosch discusses Vance's case with Chandler, and their conversation is overheard by Corwin and Creighton. Corwin worries about inheriting the company, suggests having Vibiana killed, and attempts to intimidate Creighton into helping him. Creighton later meets a foreign woman with gun expertise, and tells her he has a job for her.
99"Cat Got a Name?"Kate WoodsEric OvermyerMay 27, 2022 (2022-05-27)
The woman Creighton hired investigates Bosch's office, and Bosch disables the bug in response. She later observes Chandler entering a genetic testing lab, which later mysteriously catches fire, though Chandler still confirms that Vibiana's DNA is a match for Vance. In the doctor's case, Bosch finds the name of the doctor writing fake prescriptions, but the homeless he prescribed them for do not have the pills. In Vance's case, Bosch visits Ida, tells her what was in the envelope, and asks her to sign an affidavit to establish authenticity. The police show up to investigate Bosch again in Vance's case. Knowing of Sloan's innocence now, he tells them about Vance's son, in exchange for them telling him Vance was murdered, and that Ida had access to his office and wrote his letters for him. When they show him pictures of the office that show the pen went missing after the murder, he realizes who killed Vance. He and Chandler have Ida sign the affidavit, and afterwards, reveal they know she killed Vance, and that she wrote the will. When they threaten to turn her in, she admits Vance asked her to write the will when he believed he was dying, and she put herself in it without his knowledge, but after he recovered and wanted to change it she killed him to prevent him from finding out, after which she is arrested. Meanwhile, investigating the rapist, Maddie and Vasquez discover a luchador mask that could belong to him, and Maddie calls a city inspector about what he may have seen, who is shown secretly looking at pictures of Maddie. Detective Morrison later admits to the police that he believes the suspect's girlfriend was innocent. Meanwhile, the woman observes Sloan meeting Bosch, and informs Creighton that she will take care of it. That night, Vibiana calls Bosch and tells him Sloan seems suspicious. Bosch realizes she has been found and races to her building as the woman enters it.
1010"Always/All Ways"Adam DavidsonMichael Connelly & Titus WelliverMay 27, 2022 (2022-05-27)
Bosch tricks the woman and rescues Vibiana and her son, and has Mo recover camera footage showing the killer's face and gun. In the doctor's case, Bosch gives the evidence he has collected to Gustafson, including a video recorded by Mo of the doctor selling pills, ensuring the doctor's arrest, and afterwards, is sent a video of the woman killing Sloan. Bosch kidnaps Creighton, and uses tactics from Afghanistan to force him to reveal how to contact the woman. Using Creighton and Mo, he sets a trap for the woman, and eventually manages to kill her. He then releases Creighton, but warns him he will be arrested if there are any further attempts on Vibiana's life. Afterwards, Chandler publicly reveals Vance had heirs, ensuring Bosch's threat. In the wrongful death suit, Chandler gets the body camera footage of the shooting, but Bosch tells her to leave Maddie out of it. She later shows Morrison that Cosgrove planted the gun and asks him to do the right thing. He gives her more information, on the condition that she does not settle. Meanwhile, Maddie sees and speaks to the city inspector who put up the notice, Kurt Dockweiler, which seems to unnerve him. Later, she and Vasquez find an injured man who dies, upsetting her. She is later visited by Chandler, who tells her the civil suit may destroy careers, and after she expresses disapproval, asks if she wants to see justice served. Maddie later meets Bosch, telling him how afraid she was when he didn't respond to her calls, and they reaffirm their bond. When she goes home, it appears someone else is in her apartment. At an exhibition by Vibiana that night, Chandler tells Bosch that Maddie may have to testify, as her camera saw Cosgrove plant the gun. Disgusted, Bosch leaves to meet Maddie. Arriving at her apartment, he finds it seemingly empty, with one window having a cut screen.

Production Edit

After the conclusion of Bosch, producers began discussing a new series that would feature Harry after his retirement from the LAPD, as happens in the later Bosch novels. Welliver admits that it is essentially Bosch season 8, but the focus is different: Harry is no longer a cop, and the main characters are Bosch, Maddie, and Chandler.[1][2]

Reception Edit

On Rotten Tomatoes, the first season has a score of 100% with an average score of 7.4/10, based on reviews from 17 critics. The website's critics consensus reads: "Television's grumpiest detective keeps his Legacy alive and well in a reboot that picks up right where the original series left off while pleasingly tweaking the formula."[10] On Metacritic, the first season has a weighted average score of 76 out of 100 based on reviews from five critics, indicating "generally favorable reviews".[11]

Audience viewership Edit

Season one delivered more total viewers in the first 28 days post premiere, than any previous season of Bosch in their respective first 28 days in the US.[12]

References Edit

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