Bornholms stemme

Bornholms stemme (English: Bornholms voice) is a 1999 Danish comedy film directed by Lotte Svendsen, starring Sofie Stougaard and Henrik Lykkegaard. The film takes place in a small fishing island off the coast of Sweden during a no-fishing period imposed in 1982, because of overfishing. The main characters are the stubborn fisher Lars Erik (Lykkegaard) and his wife Sonja (Stougaard).

Bornholms stemme
Directed byLotte Svendsen
Written byElith Nulle Nykjær
Lotte Svendsen
StarringSofie Stougaard
Henrik Lykkegaard
Release date
3 September 1999 (Denmark)
14 July 2000 (Sweden)
Running time
114 minutes (Denmark)
CountryDenmark, Sweden, Norway


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