Borja (mountain)

Borja (1,077 metres (3,533 ft)) is a mountain in central Bosnia (Bosnia and Herzegovina), between Teslić town and Maslovare village. It spreads in the southeast – northwest, and from Uzlomac is divided on saddle Solila, through which passes main road M-4 (Banja LukaMatuzićiDoboj, which exits on the M-17 (as corridor Vc). The biggest part of this mountain lies in the municipalities of Teslić and Kotor Varoš.[1][2][3][4]

Borja Mountain (1,077 m)

Over 1,000 meters above sea level at Borja are Runjavica (1,077 m), Pavlov vrh (Paul's peak, 1029 m), Komin (1,029 m) and Kuke (Hooks, 1.016 m). On the peaks of the mountain chain Očauš – Borja – Uzlomac are a watershed between basins of Bosnia and Vrbas.

Borja is rich in dense coniferous–deciduous forest communities. Dominant coniferous species are white and black pine, after which it was named (the name Borja can be roughly translated as "pine woods"). The dense forests are inhabited by many wild animals, including Bosnian endemic quarry mammals.

The mountain is abundant with springs and streams. The best known spring is Hajdučke vode, located near the recreation center with the same name. There is a rich variety of minerals, of which only the coal was exploited. The coal mine was opened at the time of Austro-Hungarian rule (1916). It was closed during the 1950s.

View to Runjavica, the highest point of Borja, from plateau Solila

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Coordinates: 44°31′48″N 17°42′00″E / 44.5300°N 17.7000°E / 44.5300; 17.7000