Bolesław II of Niemodlin

Bolesław II of Niemodlin (Polish: Bolesław II Niemodliński; 1326/35 – by 25 June 1368), was a Duke of Niemodlin since 1365 until his death (with his brothers as co-rulers).

Bolesław II
Duke of Niemodlin
POL województwo opolskie COA.svg
Coat-of-arms of Upper Silesia
(Opole, Niemodlin, Strzelce, etc)
Diedby 25 June 1368
Noble familySilesian Piasts of Opole
FatherBolesław the Elder
MotherEuphemia of Wrocław

He was the eldest son of Bolesław the Elder, Duke of Niemodlin, by his wife Euphemia, daughter of Henry VI the Good, Duke of Wrocław.


In 1355, thanks to the contacts of his father in the Prague court, Bolesław II was appointed Judge court by Emperor Charles IV.

After the death of his father by 1365, Bolesław II and his brothers inherited Niemodlin as co-rulers. He followed the politics of cooperation with the Bohemian Kingdom and in 1367 he obtain Prudnik as a hereditary fief.

Bolesław II never married or had children.[1] He died between 1367 and 1368 and his place of burial is unknown.


  1. ^ Some sources —included the Wikipedia articles of Charles I of Hungary and Maria of Bytom (see)—, appears that Princess Elisabeth of Hungary (d. 1367), was married with certain "Bolesław of Opole" (Bolesław Opolski). From a chronological point of view, there are strong suggestions that this unidentified prince could be Bolesław II of Niedmolin. However, because all known sources showed that the Duke of Niemodlin died unmarried and childless, maybe this "marriage" never took place and was only a broken engagement. Others sources, by the other hand, stated that Princess Elisabeth of Hungary never existed.


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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Bolesław the Elder
Duke of Niemodlin
with Wenceslaus
and Henry

Succeeded by
and Henry