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Body may refer to:

In scienceEdit

  • Physical body, an object in physics that represents a large amount or object that takes up space.
  • Body plan, the physical features shared by a group of animals
    • Anatomy, the study of the body plan of animals
  • Human body, the entire structure of a human organism
    • Dead body or cadaver, a dead human body also called a corpse
  • (living) matter, see: Mind–body problem, the relationship between mind and matter in philosophy
  • Enviromental, Body could be used as a body of water, representing a lake. Such as lake Michigan could be spoken a body of water.

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Other usesEdit

  • Jesse Ventura (born 1951), nicknamed "The Body", American media personality, actor, author, former politician and retired professional wrestler
  • Body (surname)
  • Body (transistor), a terminal of a field-effect transistor
  • Body (wine), a wine tasting descriptor of sense of alcohol and feeling in the mouth
  • Automobile body, the outer body of a motor vehicle which is built around a chassis
  • Body corporate, a corporation capable of having legal rights and duties within a certain legal system
  • Body politic, metaphor in which a nation is considered to be a corporate entity, being likened to a human body
  • An HTML element that contains the displayable content of a page

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