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Bodø Jazz Open is a jazz festival, arranged at the end of January every year since 2011. The aim of the festival is to bring together local, national and international artists for collaborations, jam sessions and workshops. Every year between 2-3000 festival participants visit the festival, and create more life to Bodø in January, winter time. Bodø Jazz Open bring the jazz into the Bodø nightlife, and organizes gigs at local venues like Topp 13, Dama di, Paviljongen, Sinus, Bodø Kulturhus and Sydøst, to mention a few.[1]

Bodø Jazz Open
Bodø Jazz Open 2013 Mambo Compagnero.jpg
Mambo Compagnero 2013.
GenreJazz Festival
Date(s)Late January
Begins31 January 2019 (2019-01-31)
Ends2 February 2019 (2019-02-02)
Years active2011 - present
InauguratedFounded 2010
FounderJan Gunnar Hoff
Tore Johansen
Erik Johansen



Jan Gunnar Hoff at Bodø Jazz Open 2013.

When Bodø Jazz Open was first planned, the first name on the desk was Bodø International Jazz Festival, then Bodø Jazz Fest and the autumn of 2010 came the proposal Bodo Jazz Open. This name suits perfectly for the festival held in Bodø, because it is a jazz festival that is open to all genres and rhythmic expression. Bodø Jazz Open was initiated in November 15, 2010 by Jan Gunnar Hoff, Tore Johansen and Erik Johansen. In 1921 'Bodø Jazz Band' with a lineup of 15 musicians, was established as the first jazz band in Bodø. Bodø Jazz Open was arranged for the first time in January 2011, and was a celebration of 90 years of jazz in Bodø. Since the city has a long tradition of jazz, it was a natural thing to establish a jazz festival here. In Bodø is the center small centrally, with children, hotel, airport and Coastal readily available. This makes Bodø an ideal place for a jazz festival.[2][3]


The number of events during the festival raised from 25 in 2011 to 33 in 2012. The goal for 2013 was not to increase the number of events, but to consolidate and ensure the quality of the festival. In addition to evening concerts Bodø Jazz Open also arranged gigs called "After Work Jazz". It means that the musicians are set up in different cafés, and gives free gigs for café visitors and others who come by.[1]

Marius Neset with JazzKamikaze 2013. (Photo by Henrik Dvergsdal)

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