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Bladen Hawke, 9th Baron Hawke

Bladen Wilmer Hawke, 9th Baron Hawke (31 December 1901 – 5 July 1985), was a British Conservative politician.

Hawke was the eldest son of Edward Julian Hawke, 8th Baron Hawke,[1] and his wife Frances Alice, daughter of Colonel John Randal Wilmer. He succeeded his father in the barony in 1939 and served as a Lord-in-waiting (government whip in the House of Lords) from 1953 to 1957 in the Conservative administrations of Sir Winston Churchill, Sir Anthony Eden and Harold Macmillan. From 1958 to 1974 he was a Church Commissioner.

Hawke married Ina Mary Faure Walker, daughter of Henry Faure Walker, in 1934. They had seven daughters; Caroline, Annabel, Cecilia, Lavinia, Rowena, Prunella and Olivia.[2] He died in July 1985, aged 83. As he had no sons he was succeeded in the barony by his younger brother Julian.


Hawke Coat of Arms[3]
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Peerage of Great Britain
Preceded by
Edward Julian Hawke
Baron Hawke
Succeeded by
Julian Stanhope Theodore Hawke