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Black Reel Award for Outstanding Independent Short Film

This page lists the winners and nominees for the Black Reel Award for Outstanding Independent Short Film. This award is given to the directors and was first awarded during the 2010 ceremony.

Winners and nomineesEdit

Winners are listed first and highlighted in bold.


Year Film Director Ref
(Mis)leading Man Morocco Omari [1]
Life on Earth Jeffrey Keith
The Roe Effect Kiel Adrian Scott
Katrina's Son Ya'Ke Smith [2]
Stag & Doe Daniel Patterson
Cred Sherman Payne
Wake Bree Newsome [3]
The Abyss Boys Jan-Hendrik Beetge
Fig Ryan Coogler
The Tombs Jerry Lamothe
Wolf Call Rob Underhill
The Bluest Note Maruqes Green [4]
Crossover Tina Mabry
Last/First Kiss Andrea Ashton
Record/Play Jesse Atlas
White Space Maya Washington
Black Girl in Paris Kiandra Parks [5]
A Different Tree Steven Caple Jr.
African Cowboy Rodney Charles
Sweet Honey Chile Talibah Newman
They Die by the Dawn Jeymes Samuel
#AmeriCan Nate Parker [6]
Muted Rachel Goldberg
The Voodoo Steven Alexander
Addiction Danny Dzhurayev [7]
David's Reviere Neil Creque Williams
Sacred Heart Sol Aponte and Jennia Fredrique
$15 Kicks Jenn Shaw [8]
#Whereisbeauty Angela McCrae
2 Fists Up Spike Lee
86-32 Randy Wilkins
Black Card Pete Chatmon


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