Black Emanuelle 2

Black Emanuelle 2 (Italian: Emanuelle nera nº 2, also known as The New Black Emanuelle and Black Emanuelle No 2), is a 1976 Italian psychological drama-sexploitation film directed by Bitto Albertini. It is an unofficial sequel of Black Emanuelle.[1][2]

Black Emanuelle 2
The New Black Emanuelle.jpg
Directed byBitto Albertini
(as Albert Thomas)
Written byBitto Albertini
Mario Mariani
StarringShulamith Lasri
Angelo Infanti
CinematographyGuglielmo Mancori
Music byDon Powell
Release date
31 July 1976
Running time
91 minutes


Although following Albertini's successful 1975 sexploitation film Black Emanuelle and the allusion to the title, Black Emanuelle 2 differs greatly in plot than the first film, featuring Israeli actress Shulamith Lasri (the only film she ever starred in[3]), as Emanuelle Richmond Morgan, a supermodel going through a state of amnesia and locked in a mental institution in New York City.[2][4] Lasri, at her first and only film, is credited just as "Emanuelle Nera".[1][2] The lead actor, as in the first film, is Angelo Infanti, who plays a different character.[2] The film was shot between Rome, New York City and Venice.[2]


Emanuelle Richmond Morgan (Shulamith Lasri) is an African American supermodel married to basketball star Fred Morgan (Percy Hogan). She had visited Beirut in July 1976 and fell in the centre of the Lebanese Civil War. She has been going through a state of amnesia since then, kept at a mental institution in Manhattan. Dr. Paul Gardner (Angelo Infanti) who is in charge of the clinic takes a special interest in Richmond's case and begins to personally investigate her past, starting with the photographer John Farmer (Franco Cremonini) who was with her in Beirut.


  • Shulamith Lasri as Emanuelle Richmond Morgan (credited as Sharon Lesley)
  • Angelo Infanti as Dr. Paul Gardner
  • Percy Hogan as Fred Morgan
  • Dagmar Lassander as Susan Gardner
  • Danielle Ellison as Sharon, Paul's Niece
  • Franco Cremonini as John Farmer
  • Don Powell as Emanuelle's Father
  • Pietro Torrisi as Simon
  • Attilio Dottesio as The General


The film was generally badly received by critics. According to Manlio Gomarasca, it has an "unattractive story", in which "it is not clear if the irony that winds throughout the film is voluntary or not".[2] Film critic Paolo Mereghetti wrote that the film is "extremely poor", and her lead actress has "generous shapes but a rare inexpressiveness".[5] In its DVD Talk review, it is described as "flat, tedious and barely thrilling" and as "a relatively daft and boring entry into the cycle".[6] In his DVD Verdict review, Daryl Loomis wrote that the film is "mind-numbingly dull and looks like a grouping of unconnected scenes".[7]

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