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DVD Verdict was a judicial-themed website for DVD reviews. The site was founded in 1999. The editor in chief was the actor Michael Stailey, who owned the website between 2004 and 2016, and they employed a large editorial staff of critics[2] whose reviews were quoted by sources such as CBS Marketwatch,[3] and were praised by such writers as Anthony Augustine of Uptown.[4]

DVD Verdict
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Type of site
Film review
Available inEnglish
Alexa rankPositive 284,845 (as of August 2017)[1]
Current statusDefunct (2017)

DVD Verdict also had four sister sites, titled Cinema Verdict, a theatrical movie review site, TV Verdict, a television review site, Pixel Verdict, a video game review site and DVD Verdict Presents.[5]

The last reviews were published in 2017. No new reviews have since been posted.

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