Biyu of Baekje

Biyu of Baekje (died 455, r. 427–455) was the twentieth king of Baekje, one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea.

Biyu of Baekje
Revised RomanizationBiyu-wang

According to the Samguk Sagi he was Guisin's son, while other sources name Biyu as the illegitimate son of the 18th king Jeonji. It is not known which sources are right. (Since Guisin died young, it is likely that the stories about Biyu being Jeonji's son may be possible.)[1][2]

The traditional dates of Biyu's rule are based on the Samguk Sagi. On the basis of more contemporaneous Chinese records, Best (1979) has suggested that the years 428 or 429–455 are more plausible.

Within the Korean peninsula, Biyu sought to strengthen Baekje’s relationship with Silla, exchanging ambassadors in 433 and 434. Although Silla was a protectorate of Goguryeo at this time, Silla and Baekje allied themselves against Goguryeo (Naje Dongmaeng Hangul :나제동맹 Hanja :羅濟同盟).


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Biyu of Baekje
Cadet branch of the House of Go
 Died: 455
Regnal titles
Preceded by King of Baekje
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