Guisin of Baekje

Guisin of Baekje (?–427, r. 420–427) was the nineteenth king of Baekje, one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea. He was the eldest son of King Jeonji and Lady Palsu.

Guisin of Baekje
Revised RomanizationGu-isin-wang

The traditional dates of Guisin's rule are based on the Samguk Sagi, however, only the date of enthronement and his death is recorded.

Based on more contemporaneous Chinese records, the historian J. W. Best has suggested that the years 414–429 or 430 are more plausible.

Different accounts regarding the reign of the kingEdit

By the records of Samguk Sagi, he reigned from 420 to 427 AD for eight years, which can be calculated from the record. However, the Book of Song does not mention Guisin as the king and goes straight from Jeonji (written as 餘映.Read as yeoyeong) to Biyu (written as 餘毗.Read as Yeobi) Nihon Shoki accounts that Guisin was young that a Japanese figure ruled for him and quotes from a record of Baekje that is now lost.


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Guisin of Baekje
Cadet branch of the House of Go
 Died: 427
Regnal titles
Preceded by King of Baekje
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