List of bishops of Freising and archbishops of Munich and Freising

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The following people were bishops, prince-bishops or archbishops of Freising or Munich and Freising in Bavaria:

The bear miracleSaint Corbinian of Freising, as a bishop, crossing the Alps on his way to Rome in 710, Jan Polack, oil on pinewood, 1489

Bishops of FreisingEdit

Establishment of episcopal organisation in Old Bavaria by Saint Boniface in 739.
Elevation to a Hochstift i.e. Prince-Bishopric in 1294

Prince-bishops of FreisingEdit

Prince-bishop Philip of the Palatinate (portrait around 1525/27)
Prince-bishop Albert Sigismund of Bavaria (1675painting)
Sede vacante as a result of the secularisation under Napoleonic rule (1803–1821)
Elevation to an Archdiocese in 1817/1821

Archbishops of Munich and FreisingEdit

Cardinal Döpfner at Munich's Corpus Christi procession in 1971

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