Biržai District Municipality

Biržai District Municipality is a Lithuanian municipality, located in northern Lithuania, Aukštaitija ethnographic region, Panevėžys County.

Biržai District Municipality
Biržų rajono savivaldybė
The Green Forest (Žalioji giria)
The Green Forest (Žalioji giria)
Coat of arms of Biržai District Municipality
Location of Biržai district municipality within Lithuania
Location of Biržai district municipality within Lithuania
Coordinates: 56°16′58″N 24°48′45″E / 56.28278°N 24.81250°E / 56.28278; 24.81250
Country Lithuania
Ethnographic regionAukštaitija
CountyPanevezys County flag.svg Panevėžys County
 • Total1,476 km2 (570 sq mi)
 • Rank16th
 • Total22,292
 • Rank39th
 • Density15.10/km2 (39.1/sq mi)
  • Rank48th
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
Telephone code450
Major settlements

The towns of Biržai and Vabalninkas lie within the district. About 64% of its land is agricultural, including a number of organic farms. Portions are protected in Biržai Regional Park and as botanical and geological reserves.[1]


Biržai District Municipality is divided into 8 elderships:[2]

Eldership (Administrative Center) Area Population (2021)
Biržai (Biržai) 16.35 km2 (4,040.17 acres; 6.31 sq mi) 10,734
Nemunėlio Radviliškis (Nemunėlio Radviliškis) 200 km2 (49,421.08 acres; 77.22 sq mi) 1,238
Pabiržė (Pabiržė) 90 km2 (22,239.48 acres; 34.75 sq mi) 1,442
Pačeriaukštė (Pačeriaukštė) 110 km2 (27,181.59 acres; 42.47 sq mi) 1,130
Papilys (Papilys) 250 km2 (61,776.35 acres; 96.53 sq mi) 1,439
Parovėja (Parovėja) 174 km2 (42,996.34 acres; 67.18 sq mi) 1,607
Širvėna (Biržai) 258 km2 (63,753.19 acres; 99.61 sq mi) 3,431
Vabalninkas (Vabalninkas) 211 km2 (52,139.24 acres; 81.47 sq mi) 2,293



District structure:

Biggest population (2001):


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