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List of biogeographic provinces

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Biogeographic Province is a biotic subdivision of realms. The following list of biogeographic provinces was developed by Miklos Udvardy in 1975,[1][2] later modified by other authors.[according to whom?]


Afrotropical RealmEdit

Antarctic RealmEdit

  • Tundra communities and barren Antarctic desert
  • Subtropical and temperate rain forests or woodlands

Australian RealmEdit

  • Tropical humid forests
  • Subtropical and temperate rain forests or woodlands
  • Tropical dry or deciduous forests (incl. Monsoon forests) or woodlands
    • Northern Coastal
  • Evergreen sclerophyllous forests, scrubs or woodlands
    • Western Sclerophyll
    • Eastern Sclerophyll
    • Brigalow
  • Warm deserts and semideserts
    • Western Mulga
    • Central Desert
    • Southern Mulga/Saltbush
  • Tropical grasslands and savannas
    • Northern Savanna
    • Northern Grasslands
  • Temperate grasslands
    • Eastern Grasslands and Savannas

Indomalayan RealmEdit

Nearctic RealmEdit

Neotropical RealmEdit

Oceanian RealmEdit

Palearctic RealmEdit

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