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Bighorn Dam (or Bighorn Hydro Plant) is a dam located in Clearwater County in west-central Alberta, Canada. It was built by Calgary Power in 1972, and led to the creation of Lake Abraham, Alberta's largest man-made lake.[1] The dam and associated hydroelectric plant are managed by TransAlta.

Bighorn Dam
A section of the Bighorn Dam
Official nameBighorn Dam
LocationClearwater County, Alberta, Canada
Construction began1972

The Bighorn Plant has a generating capacity of 120 megawatts (MW), and has an available water supply that allows it to be the largest producer of hydroelectric electricity in Alberta, with an average of 408,000 megawatt hours (MW⋅h) each year.[1]

The plant is one of two TransAlta hydroelectric plants on the North Saskatchewan River System in Alberta.

The Bighorn embankment dam was built in 1972 in the mountain gap at Windy Point, in the Front Ranges of the Canadian Rockies, west of the confluence of the North Saskatchewan River and the Bighorn River.



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Coordinates: 52°18′31.64″N 116°19′44.98″W / 52.3087889°N 116.3291611°W / 52.3087889; -116.3291611 (Bighorn Dam)