Biette de Cassinel

Biette Cassinel (French pronunciation: ​[bjɛt də kasinɛl]; c.1320s-1394) was the supposed royal mistress of Charles V of France from 1360 until 1363.[1][a]

Biette was the daughter of the François Cassinel, sergent d'armes of John II of France, and Alix Deschamps.[3] She was the sister of Ferry Cassinel, bishop of Lodève and Auxerre and eventually archbishop of Rheims.[3]

Biette was married to Gérard de Montagu by 1336.[3] She was the mother of Jean de Montagu, who would rise to become Grand Master of France.[4] It is said by some that Jean was her son by Charles V,[citation needed] while Merlet and Delachenal state there is no evidence for this.[b] Autrand states that a clerk of Parlement skipped two words, concerning Jean's execution, which incorrectly attributed Charles V as Jean's father, instead of his legitimate father Gerard de Montaigu.[6]


  1. ^ "Although Biette Cassinel has been attached occasionally to Charles V, no concrete evidence for a relationship exists."[2]
  2. ^ Merlet states that Charles V was 12 or 13 at the time of Jean's birth.[3]
    "..concerning the relations which may have existed between Charles V and the mother of Jean de Montaigu, are not justified by any proof by any reference.."[5]


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