Bibliotheca Anatomica is a Latin-language human anatomy text edited by Daniel Le Clerc (or Daniel LeClerc) and Jean-Jacques Manget, two physicians from Geneva. The work was published in Geneva by Sumptibus J. A. Chouët and Davidis Ritter.

Bibliotheca Anatomica
AuthorDaniel Le Clerc
Jean-Jacques Manget
Original titleBibliotheca anatomica, sive, Recens in anatomia inventorvm thesaurus locupletissimus
SubjectHuman anatomy
Publication date
1685 (1 ed.)
1699 (2 ed.)

Extending two folio volumes and encompassing almost all significant anatomical publications across the several decades prior to its publication, including the writings of Thomas Bartholin, Regnier de Graaf, William Harvey, Richard Lower, Marcello Malpighi, Jan Swammerdam, Raymond Vieussens, and Thomas Willis,[1] Bibliotheca Anatomica is the most comprehensive collection of anatomical treatises produced in the 17th century.[2]

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