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The following is a bibliography on American Communism, listing some of the most important works on the topic.


General articlesEdit

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General historiesEdit

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Regional and local historiesEdit

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Social composition of the Communist movementEdit

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Participant memoirsEdit

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Biographies of leading participantsEdit

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The Communist Party and the trade unionsEdit

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The Communist Party and agricultureEdit

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The Communist Party and youthEdit

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The Communist Party and womenEdit

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The Communist Party and intellectualsEdit

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The Communist Party and Black AmericansEdit

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The Communist Party and ethnic radicalismEdit

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Miscellaneous monographs related to the CPUSAEdit

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Intra-party opposition movementsEdit

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Organized anti-communism and McCarthyismEdit

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Espionage, infiltration, and Soviet fundingEdit

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Other ReferencesEdit

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