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Garland Science was a publishing group that specializes in developing textbooks in a wide range of life sciences subjects, including cell and molecular biology, immunology, protein chemistry, genetics, and bioinformatics. It was a subsidiary of the Taylor & Francis Group. It was founded in the late 1960s by Gavin Borden (1939-1991) and gained prominence through publishing the textbook Molecular Biology of the Cell (authors include Bruce Alberts and Peter Walter; James D. Watson was a previous author), which has been lauded as "the most influential cell biology textbook of its time".[1]

Garland Science
Parent companyTaylor & Francis
FounderGavin G. Borden
Country of originUnited States
Publication typesTextbooks

As of 2018, the Garland Science website has been shut down and their major textbooks have been sold to W. W. Norton & Company.

Other notable textbooks also published by Garland Science included The Biology of Cancer (by Robert Weinberg), Immunobiology (authors including Charles Janeway and Kenneth Murphy), Molecular Biology of the Cell: The Problems Book (by John Wilson and Tim Hunt), Essential Cell Biology (Bruce Alberts et al.), The Immune System (Peter Parham), Molecular Driving Forces (Ken A. Dill & Sarina Bromberg), and Physical Biology of the Cell (Rob Phillips, Jane Kondev & Julie Theriot).

The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music (10 volumes) is now published by Routledge, another imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group.


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