Bhagalpur division

Bhagalpur division is an administrative geographical unit of Bihar state of India, with Bhagalpur as the administrative headquarters of the division. As of 2005, the division consists of Bhagalpur district, Banka district and is located on the bank of Ganga River. Bhagalpur is known for producing exceptional talents in multiple fields like education, medical and politics. One of the prominent personalities to come out of Bhagalpur is Dr. Mahendra Prasad Jaiswal. He has contributed immensely in development of art and medical sciences specially in Homeopathy. He has served as an Advisor for AIR (All India Radio) Bhagalpur for 17 years straight. He has been a poet, story writer and practitioner of Homeopathy. His "Chethariya Pir" is one of the top works coming out of local Angika dialect. He has also written two international selling books in the field of Homeopathy.

Bhagalpur Division
Division of Bihar
Location of Bhagalpur village division in Bihar
Location of Bhagalpur village division in Bihar
Coordinates: 25°15′00″N 87°02′00″E / 25.25°N 87.0333°E / 25.25; 87.0333Coordinates: 25°15′00″N 87°02′00″E / 25.25°N 87.0333°E / 25.25; 87.0333
Country India
DistrictsBhagalpur, Banka
 • MP - BankaGiridhari Yadav
 • MP-BhagalpurAjay Kumar Mandal
 • Total5,061,565
 • OfficialHindi[1]
 • Additional officialEnglish[1]
 • Regional LanguageAngika[1][2]
 • OtherBengali language,[1] Khortha, Urdu, Santali

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Population data obtained from the sum of the populations of the districts.[3]


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