Beth Israel Congregation (Florence, South Carolina)

Beth Israel Congregation (Hebrew: בית ישראל) is a Reform Jewish synagogue located at 316 Park Avenue in Florence, South Carolina, in the United States. Formally incorporated with the state of South Carolina in September 1912, Beth Israel grew out of the Florence Hebrew Benevolent Association which was founded in 1887.[2][3]

Beth Israel Congregation
Hebrew: בית ישראל
AffiliationReform Judaism
Ecclesiastical or organizational statusSynagogue
LeadershipRabbi Aaron Sherman (part-time)
Location316 Park Avenue, Florence, South Carolina
CountryUnited States
Beth Israel Congregation (Florence, South Carolina) is located in South Carolina
Beth Israel Congregation (Florence, South Carolina)
Location in South Carolina
Geographic coordinates34°11′34″N 79°46′42″W / 34.19278°N 79.77833°W / 34.19278; -79.77833
Date established1912 (as a congregation)

A part-time rabbi, Aaron Sherman, became the spiritual leader of Beth Israel in August 2011. Leah Doberne-Schor also served as a part-time rabbi until August 2023.[4] In 2009, the rabbi was Jeffrey Ronald.[1] For services that are conducted in the absence of a Rabbi, temple members lead services.

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