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It is distinct from the older Bestwood Estate to the west. Development began during the late 1950s and early 1960s, whereas Bestwood Estate was developed during the 1930s.



Bestwood Park Church (Beckhampton Road), Infant of Prague Catholic Church (Cherry Orchard Mount), and The Peoples Church (Gladehill Road).

Green AreasEdit

Sandy Banks Local Nature Reserve (LNR), and Glade Hill wood. The latter is on a small hill and so visible from all around. It is erroneously known locally as "Bendigo's Ring" since the original place of this name, in Bestwood Estate, is much less visible.[3]

Cricket groundEdit

Bestwood Park Cricket Ground was a cricket ground laid out in 1867 by William Beauclerk, 10th Duke of St Albans in the Bestwood Park area. It hosted one important match when in 1879 a Nottinghamshire Eleven played the MCC. The ground is now a public recreation area.[4]

Bus ServicesEdit

Bestwood Park has frequent bus services ran by Nottingham City Council that serve the estate; the main services include the Turquoise 79 service which travels through Beckhampton Road, Chippenham Road and Queen's Bower Road in the direction of Nottingham and Arnold via Bulwell and Rise Park.[5] The Purple 88 serves Chippenham Road and Queen's Bowers Road in the direction of Nottingham, Top Valley and Warren Hill via Sherwood and Edwards Lane[6] and the Purple 89 which serves Beckhampton road in the direction of Nottingham to Rise Park via Sherwood and Edwards Lane.[7]

There are also NCT services that serve Beckhampton Road which run during peak times or offer night services[8][9] as well as a school bus service which serves the estate in the direction of Rise Park and several schools in the Aspley ward.[10] There is also a Shoplink service ran by CT4N which also serves Beckhampton Road in the direction of Bulwell and Mapperley via Arnold.[11]


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