Best Of (Stratovarius album)

Best Of is a compilation album by power metal band Stratovarius, released on 6 May 2016. It has 28 different Stratovarius songs spanning the band's entire career, hand-picked and remastered by the band. It also includes one new track, Until the End of Days. The album is split into two CDs, the limited edition also containing a third CD with songs from the Wacken 2015 live performance.[1][2]

Best Of
Stratovarius Best Of (2016).jpg
Compilation album by
Released6 May 2016 (2016-05-06)
LabelEdel AG
ProducerMatias Kupiainen
Stratovarius chronology
Best Of
Enigma: Intermission 2

Track listingEdit

1."Until the End of Days"Lauri PorraPorra3:44
2."My Eternal Dream (Remastered 2016)"Kotipelto, Jani LiimatainenMatias Kupiainen6:05
3."Eagleheart (Remastered 2016)"Timo Tolkki, KotipeltoTolkki3:50
4."Speed of Light (Remastered 2016)"KotipeltoTolkki3:06
5."S.O.S. (Remastered 2016)"Tolkki, KotipeltoTolkki4:17
6."Forever Free (Remastered 2016)"KotipeltoTolkki6:02
7."Wings of Tomorrow (Remastered 2016)"TolkkiTolkki5:08
8."No Turning Back (Remastered 2016)"KotipeltoTolkki4:22
9."Break the Ice (Remastered 2016)"Tuomo LassilaTolkki4:39
10."Distant Skies (Remastered 2016)"TolkkiTolkki4:10
11."Will the Sun Rise? (Remastered 2016)"KotipeltoTolkki5:07
12."A Million Light Years Away (Remastered 2016)"TolkkiTolkki5:20
13."Under Flaming Skies (Remastered 2016)"KotipeltoKotipelto, Kupiainen3:52
14."Darkest Hours (Remastered 2016)"Kotipelto, KupiainenKupiainen4:11
15."Winter Skies (Remastered 2016)"Jens JohanssonJohansson5:42
16."I Walk to My Own Song (Remastered 2016)"TolkkiTolkki5:04
17."Maniac Dance (Remastered 2016)"TolkkiTolkki4:33
18."Halcyon Days (Remastered 2016)"KotipeltoKupiainen5:32
19."Will My Soul Ever Rest in Peace? (Remastered 2016)"TolkkiTolkki4:56
20."Destiny (Remastered 2016)"TolkkiTolkki10:15
21."Paradise (Remastered 2016)"TolkkiTolkki4:28
22."Deep Unknown (Remastered 2016)"KotipeltoKupiainen4:28
23."Elysium (Remastered 2016)"Kupiainen, KotipeltoKupiainen18:06
24."Black Diamond (Remastered 2016)"KotipeltoTolkki5:41
25."If the Story is Over (Remastered 2016)"LiimatainenLiimatainen, Kotipelto6:07
26."Unbreakable (Remastered 2016)"Kupiainen, KotipeltoKupiainen4:38
27."Forever (Remastered 2016)"TolkkiTolkki3:07
28."Shine in the Dark (Remastered 2016)"Kotipelto, LiimatainenKotipelto, Liimatainen5:06
29."Hunting High and Low (Remastered 2016)"KotipeltoTolkki4:08
Bonus tracks
30."Intro (Live at Wacken 2015)"Instrumental 2:22
31."Black Diamond (Live at Wacken 2015)"TolkkiTolkki5:38
32."Eagleheart (Live at Wacken 2015)"TolkkiTolkki4:59
33."Against the Wind (Live at Wacken 2015)"Tolkki, KotipeltoTolkki4:19
34."Dragons (Live at Wacken 2015)"JohanssonJohansson4:15
35."Legions of the Twilight (Live at Wacken 2015)"TolkkiTolkki5:58
36."Paradise (Live at Wacken 2015)"TolkkiTolkki5:57
37."Shine in the Dark (Live at Wacken 2015)"Kotipelto, LiimatainenKotipelto, Liimatainen4:41
38."Speed of Light (Live at Wacken 2015)"KotipeltoTolkki3:42
39."Unbreakable (Live at Wacken 2015)"Kupiainen, KotipeltoKupiainen4:56
40."Hunting High and Low (Live at Wacken 2015)"KotipeltoTolkki8:03



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