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Bertila of Spoleto (c. 860 – December 915) was the wife of Berengar I of Italy, and by marriage Queen consort of Italy and Holy Roman Empress[citation needed].

She was the daughter of Suppo II (c. 835 – c. 885), and of Bertha (dead by 921). Her paternal grandfather was Adelchis I of Spoleto, second son of Suppo I.

She married Berengar c. 880, becoming Queen of Italy in 888. However, her husband lost his throne in the following year to Guy of Spoleto. Berengar began to reassert his power in 896, after the fall of the Spoleto family, and the withdrawal of Emperor Arnulf from the peninsula; however, a defeat by a Magyar army, and the decision by the Italian nobles to appoint Louis of Provence as King of Italy, delayed the King and Queen's formal return to power until 905.

Bertila became Holy Roman Empress, after her husband was crowned Emperor in 915[citation needed]. She died in the December of the same year.

Bertila and Berengar had several children. By 915, their eldest daughter, Bertha, was abbess of San Salvatore in Brescia, where her aunt had once been a nun. Their younger daughter Gisela (882–910) married Adalbert I of Ivrea, who were the parents of Berengar II of Italy.

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