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Coordinates: 60°23′01″N 5°19′19″E / 60.383611°N 5.321905°E / 60.383611; 5.321905

Bergen's Electric Tramway
Museumstrikken Bergen 1.jpg
A former East Berlin tram operating on the Bergen heritage tramway in 2009
LocaleBergen, Norway
Transit typeHeritage tramway
Number of lines1
Number of stations15
Began operation1993
Operator(s)Bergen's Electric Tramway
Number of vehicles5
System length300 m (328 yd)
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge
System map

Engen (Den Nationale Scene)
Bergen Cinema
St John's Church
Bergen Museum
Olaf Ryes vei
Møhlenpris (Depot, BTM)

Bergen's Electric Tramway (Norwegian: Bergens Elektriske Sporvei) is an organization which operates a museum tramway in Møhlenpris in Bergen, Norway. The tramway is an attempt at a revival of the Bergen Tramway, which operated from 1897–1965.

The tramway is based at Bergen Technical Museum. This building has recently been awarded heritage status and a large sum of money has been spent on renovations on the roof.

Although the line is currently only 300 m long, an expansion to Den Nationale Scene is under construction. Further, more ambitious plans include lines to Bryggen and St Mary's Church, Nordnes and Bergen Aquarium, and VilVite.[1][2]


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