Bell of Cheonheungsa

The Bell of Cheonheungsa is from the Cheonheungsa Temple near Seonggeo Mountain in Chungcheongnam-do Province. The Bell of Cheonheungsa is regarded as one of the largest and most beautiful bells from the Goryeo period. The bell is listed at number 280 in the "National Treasures of South Korea" list. It is made from bronze and has a height of 1.33m, with a bell inlet of 0.96m.[1]

Bell of Cheonheungsa
성거산 천흥사명 동종 02.JPG
Korean name
성거산 천흥사명 동종
Revised RomanizationSeonggeosan Cheonheungsamyeong Dongjong
McCune–ReischauerSŏnggŏsan Ch'ŏnhŭngsamyŏng Tongchong

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