Beijing Gymnasium

Beijing Gymnasium is an indoor arena located in Dongcheng District, Beijing, which consists of a main competition hall, a practice hall, and a swimming pool.[1] Built in 1954 with the aid of Soviet architects, it is the first multi-purpose indoor stadium built after the founding of People's Republic of China.[2] It was the venue for badminton competition of 1990 Asian Games.[3] It has been serving as the Fitness Center of National Sports Training Center since 2009.[4]

Beijing Gymnasium
Fitness Center of National Sports Training Center (20200803124201).jpg
LocationDongcheng District, Beijing
OwnerState General Administration of Sport

Government usageEdit

Beijing Gymnasium is used for meeting foreign dignitaries before the construction of Great Hall of the People.[5] It is reported that He Long has his office here, with a red telephone that is directly connected to Zhongnanhai.[2]


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