Beihai Tunnel (Beigan)

The Beihai Tunnel (Chinese: 北海坑道; pinyin: Běihǎi Kēngdào) is a tunnel in Banli village, Beigan Township, Lienchiang County, Taiwan.[1]

Beihai Tunnel
Official name北海坑道
LocationBeigan, Lienchiang, Taiwan
Coordinates26°12′46.9″N 119°58′57.1″E / 26.213028°N 119.982528°E / 26.213028; 119.982528
Length550 meters
Width9–15 meters

History edit

The tunnel was opened in 1968 for amphibious landing, 10 years after the end of the Second Taiwan Strait Crisis between the Republic of China Armed Forces and the People's Liberation Army. The construction lasted for around 3 years and claimed the lives of over 100 soldiers. After the Matsu National Scenic Area Administration was established, it took over the management of the tunnel. It renovated the interior of the tunnel and neighboring tourist spots, building an access road and protective railings.[2]

Features edit

The tunnel is 550 meters long and 9–15 meters wide. Visitors were once able to ride canoe along the tunnel but for several years the site has been closed to visitors due to falling rocks rendering it dangerous.[3]

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