Beddit Oy[3] (formerly Finsor Oy[1]) is a Finnish-based technology company that makes sleep-tracking devices and a sleep-tracking app to help monitor sleep.[4] The company was founded in October 2006 and was acquired by Apple in May 2017.

Type of businessTechnology
FoundedOctober 12, 2006
HeadquartersEspoo, Finland[1][citation needed]
OwnerApple Inc.
Native client(s) oniOS, watchOS, Misfit Shine, Android[2]

As of 2016, Beddit has collected over 3 million nights of sleep data from its users.[5]


2006–2017: Founding and growthEdit

Beddit was founded on October 12, 2006[3] by Lasse Leppäkorpi.[5] The company originally performed basic monitoring in hospitals by tracking the heart rate and breathing of patients without touching them and was unable to release a sleep-tracking product to the public due to the expensive cost of manufacturing one at the time.[6]

Beddit released their first sleep-tracker in November 2013 for early backers after a successful crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo, where crowd-funders raised over $500,000.[5][6][7]

Misfit's Shine fitness tracker announced support for Beddit's sleep-trackers as part of a partnership between the two companies in July 2014.[8] Beddit released a sleep-tracking app for the Apple Watch on October 6, 2015.[9] On October 4, 2016, Beddit released the Beddit 3 sleep-tracker at select Apple Stores, on Amazon, and on Beddit's website.[10]

On April 28, 2017, Beddit announced that they would be phasing out older Beddit devices and that the older devices would soon be incompatible with the Beddit app, while giving users the option to upgrade to Beddit 3 for free.[11] At the time of the announcement, 80% of Beddit's users were Beddit 3 users.[11]

2017–present: Apple subsidiaryEdit

On May 8, 2017, Apple Inc. acquired Beddit for an undisclosed amount.[12][13]

In September 2018, Beddit announced in an App Store update that their cloud service will shut down on November 15, 2018 for existing users and that new users will not be able to access its cloud service starting on September 21, 2018.[14] Beddit's cloud service shut down as planned on November 15 in update to the Beddit app.[15]

On December 7, 2018, Beddit released its first sleep tracker Beddit 3.5 since being acquired by Apple in 2017 on Apple's website and in stores.[16] Beddit 3.5 is similar to its predecessor Beddit 3, but it now has a dedicated opening for its USB cable and hides its stitches.[17]

Beddit 3.5 only works with the Beddit (for Model 3.5) app, which requires iOS 12 and the original app was rebranded as Beddit (for Model 3.0), which supports iOS 9.[17] Beddit 3.5 has the ability to sync with HealthKit and will function with one or two people in a bed, however, the second person cannot be tracked unless they have their own Beddit 3.5 device.[17] Beddit 3.5 retains the Beddit brand and does not have the Apple logo, but is labeled "Designed by Beddit in California, Assembled in China" according to an FCC filing, which is an adaption of the phrase that is printed on most Apple products.[18]


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