Bdood is a dockless bike-sharing company, located in Tehran, Iran. first featured in Iranian tech exhibition Elecomp 97 in 2018,[2] it claims to be the first and exclusively the only bike-sharing business in Iran.[3]

Bdood (بیدود)
Company typePrivate
Founded2017; 7 years ago (2017)[1]
HeadquartersTehran, Iran
Areas served
ProductsBicycle sharing services
Parentپاک چرخ ایرانیان (Paak Charkh Iranian Co.)
a set of BDOOD bikes on display



After being featured in the 2018 Elecomp, an Iranian technology Exhibition,[2] it officially started operating in District 2 of Tehran on December 18, 2018.[4] Initially, its business model was a combination of subscription and pay-as-you-go. Charging an initial refundable deposit of 159,000 IRT, with a required insurance fee of 30,900 IRT, its registration cost added up to 189,900 IRT.[4] It also charged the subscribed users 1,500 IRT for every 30 minutes they were using the bikes.[5]

2019 Bike re-collection


Following the 2019–2020 Iranian protests, BDOOD bikes across Tehran were collected and removed from the stations. Chief of Communication and International Relations of Tehran municipality tweeted that the bikes were collected to avoid damages due to the recent events.[5] Two months later, it was announced that the company had started refunding the deposit it received from its customers. [6]



Use of the system requires the firm's mobile application, registration and payment of a deposit [7]

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