Battle of the Fischa

The Battle of the Fischa or Battle of the Leitha took place on 11 September 1146 near the Fischa River at the border of the Kingdom of Hungary and the March of Austria, which then belonged to the overlordship of the Dukes of Bavaria and it was ruled by margraves of the Franconian Babenberg dynasty.

Battle of the Fischa
Date11 September 1146
Fischa River, border of Austria and Hungary
Result Hungarian victory
Coa Hungary Country History Bela III (1172-1196).svg Kingdom of Hungary

Armoiries Bavière.svg Duchy of Bavaria

Commanders and leaders
King Géza II
Beloš Vukanović
Henry XI, Duke of Bavaria
Unknown; also Cumans, Pechenegs and Székelys Unknown
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

The eventsEdit

The opponents were a Bavarian army led by duke Henry XI and the Hungarian army under the leadership of king Géza II and his uncle, the palatine Beloš Vukanović, who formerly served as regent and tutor for the underage king. The battle was a victory for the Hungarian army, which defeated a great army during an open battle.


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