Battle of Yahagi-gawa

The Battle of Yahagi-gawa (矢作川の戦い, Yahagi-gawa no Tatakai) took place in 1181. Retreating from the Battle of Sunomata-gawa, Minamoto no Yukiie attempted to make a stand by destroying the bridge over the Yahagi River (矢作川 Yahagi-gawa) and putting up a defensive shieldwall. He was forced to withdraw in the end, but the Taira pursuit was soon called off when their leader, Tomomori, fell ill.[1]

Battle of Yahagi-gawa
Part of the Genpei War
The Yahagi River
DateSpring 1181
Yahagi-gawa, Owari Province
Result Taira victory
Minamoto clan Taira clan
Commanders and leaders
Minamoto no Yukiie Taira no Tomomori


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