Battle of Sunomata-gawa

The Battle of Sunomata-gawa (墨俣川の戦い, Sunomata-gawa no Tatakai) took place in Japan on 6 June 1181 (or by the Japanese calendar, Jishō-5 year, 4-month, 25-day), in the present-day town of Sunomata, Gifu Prefecture. The battle started when Minamoto no Yukiie attempted a sneak attack against his enemies during the night. He found Taira no Tomomori and his army directly opposite from his, along the Sunomata River, near the borders of Owari and Mino provinces.

Battle of Sunomata-gawa
Part of the Genpei War
Monument marking the battle site.
Date6 August 1181
Result Sneak attack fails; Taira victory
Minamoto clan Taira clan
Commanders and leaders
Minamoto no Yukiie Taira no Koremori Taira no Shigehira<[1]

The Minamoto warriors waded across, but their ambush failed when the Taira clan could distinguish dry friend from soaking, dripping wet foe, even in the pitch dark of night. Yukiie and a number of other surviving Minamoto were forced back across the river.[2]

After crossing the river, the Minamoto went to the Yahagi River in Mikawa Province, but the Taira chased after them.

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