Battle of Inkovo

The Battle of Inkovo took place on 8 August 1812, between the Cossack corps of General Platov and the 2nd Light Cavalry Division of General Sebastiani and ended as a minor Russian victory.[3]

Battle of Inkovo
Part of the French invasion of Russia
Cossacks were an irregular Russian cavalry best suited for the attack of the enemy’s supply lines without joining a regular battle.
Date8 August 1812
Near Rudnja, Oblast Smolensk, Russia
54°56′49″N 31°05′36″E / 54.94694°N 31.09333°E / 54.94694; 31.09333
Result Russian victory
First French Empire French Empire Russian Empire Russian Empire
Commanders and leaders
First French Empire General Sebastiani Russian Empire Matvei Platov
2nd Light Cavalry Division[1] Cossack corps[1]
Casualties and losses
600-1,200 killed or wounded, 300-500 captured[1][2][3] 300 killed or wounded[1]
  current battle
  Prussian corps
  Austrian corps


As Barclay de Tolly's and Pyotr Bagration's army were separated, Napoleon tried in vain to defeat them before they could unite. But Barclay de Tolly under political pressure had to attack Napoleon and the Russian offensive began west on the north bank of the Dnieper on 7 August, but relying on a false report Barclay de Tolly abandoned the move west.[2][3]


The altered orders had not reached General Platov on his advance and he clashed with General Sebastiani's 2nd Light Cavalry Division near Inkovo. The French were first forced to retreat. Being reinforced the French force then repulsed the pursuing Russians. The fighting ended three miles east of Rudnya in the west of Inkovo.[2][3]


The battle of Inkovo was a Russian victory. The French casualties were 600 men, including 11 officers and 300 other ranks captured. The Russian offensive had been abandoned, allowing Napoleon to continue his attack on Smolensk.[2]


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