Battle of Fjaler

Coordinates: 61°21′46.71″N 5°23′52.87″E / 61.3629750°N 5.3980194°E / 61.3629750; 5.3980194

The battle of Fjaler was an engagement related to Harald Fairhair's unification of Norway.

Battle of Fialar
Part of unification of Norway
Dateca. 880
Result Indecisive
Earldom of Lade Earldom of Sogn
Commanders and leaders
Håkon Grjotgardsson Atle Mjove

After having subdued the kingdom of Firda, Harald left for the east, placing Håkon Ladejarl in possession of Firda. Håkon sent a messenger to earl Atle Mjove in Sogn, telling him the king Harald had given the order that Atle should give Sogn to him. Atle answered that he would do no such thing unless told by the king in person. Both earls then gathered an army, and they clashed by a place called Fialar in Sunnfjord. Both earls were killed in the battle.


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