Battle of Chương Dương

The Battle of Chương Dương (1285) was fought between joint Cham–Vietnamese forces led by Prince Trần Quốc Tuấn and Duke Trần Quang Khải against the Mongol-led Yuan force under the Mongol general Sogetu in late June 1285.[2] The battle took place at the Chương Dương port (modern-day Thường Tín District, Hanoi) on the Red River. Most of the Yuan warships were burned and sunk while Sogetu was killed in battle.[3]

Battle of Chương Dương (1285)
Part of the Second Mongol–Vietnamese War
Date24 June 1285
Chương Dương, Thường Tín District, Hanoi
20°52′17″N 105°51′52″E / 20.871470°N 105.864399°E / 20.871470; 105.864399
Result Decisive Cham and Vietnamese victory
Đại Việt
Yuan dynasty
Commanders and leaders
Prince Trần Quốc Tuấn
Trần Quang Khải[1]

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